Spun Candy

Oman will soon be experiencing the Spun candy magic when Bin Mirza International LLC opens the very first Spun Candy in Oman very soon at Oman Avenues Mall. The newest addition to Bin Mirza’s growing family of international brands under its umbrella.

Spun Candy is a leading concept Connectionist, launched in September 2013 in UK when the team opened the first store in the bustling Covent Garden, London. Our artisan process of making candy stems from methods used across the globe and brought home to the UK where Spun added its British twist. Each Spun Candy collection is vegetarian, full of natural fruit flavors and completely handcrafted.

Spun candy Oman, just like all other Spun Candy stores are all open theatre style kitchens where our customers can immerse themselves in the candy making process taking place in front of them. Our aim is to engage our customers on all levels, offering them the opportunity to create bespoke confectionery tailored for their requirements such as weddings, company branded treats (or any occasion where you just want to have candies) or they can treat themselves to the array of other confectionery on offer within the retail stores.

Spun Candy Oman will also offer master classes for individual or groups interested in learning the artisan process of candy making.

Spun candy
Floor : First
Phone Number : 22060066
Shopping Hours : 10am to 11pm
Weekend Days:10am to 12at night