We have a vast market share in UAE and the second largest in Oman, and are one of the leading IT Accessories and IT Gaming retailers & distributions in MENA. Our Group has an operating history that spans 15years. We supply to Large Retail Format with more than 70 Mega Stores that exceed 1 million sq. ft. of retail space. Initially, we sarted with one company. Now we are proudly operating 2 company which are as follows:
1. Al Emad Compuers
2. Al-Saam International
We believe in system oriented organization, hence we follow hierarchy system. The brand name GADGETS comes under Al-Saam International and all the service centers we operate come under the same company name i.e. Al-Saam International. That is how we
have been operating successfully. We spend much of our time sourcing smart technology not only to rich and famous but
also to those strata of society who fears that buying smart technology is a dream until it becomes cheap and affordable. We try our level best to minimize the gap so that majority enjoys the same benefit without compromising either quality or brand.

Floor : First
Phone Number : 22009571
Shopping Hours : 10am to 10pm
Weekend Days:10am to 11pm