Aigner – a German brand with an Italian soul.

The great fashion designer Etienne Aigner was born in Hungary in 1904. More than half a century ago he presented his first handbag collection in New York – and caused a major sensation.

The brand is a symbol for unique craftsmanship, highest quality and perfection. A brilliant combination of German precision and Tuscan tradition.

The characteristic Aigner “A” in the form of a small horseshoe combined with the Aigner-typical Antic red colour was soon not only a striking feature of the best handbags, belts and expensive travel luggage but also leather-encased cigarette lighters, corkscrews, pipesmokers’ accessories, and even backgammon boxes.

Floor : Ground
Phone Number : 22005223
Shopping Hours : 10am to 10pm
Weekend Days:10am to 11pm