Eureka Kids

Eurekakids is a company specialized in selling and distributing educational and learning toys, as well as in infantile decorations and childcare. The Eurekakids corporate mission is to transmit values, to arouse children’s curiosity and to help to develop children’s five senses by providing them with toys that are true learning aids and by immersing them in a harmonious environment.

Our toys aim at moving away from war or sexist toys which are still so often found on the commercial market even today. They are made for children of up to 12 years of age, and aim at educating new generations of children with toys that stimulate their imagination and encourage values such as friendship, respect and comradeship.

The demand for Eurekakids products is growing day by day, as we seek to provide the new generation with the potential and commitment they need. This is why we give top priority to quality, and invest our products with an added value that can be summarized by the ideal of “teaching and learning through playing”. Imparting educational concepts, social values and environmental awareness is becoming an increasingly widespread practice. As expenditure per child continues to rise year by
year, parents continue to seek out toys with a greater educational input to contribute to their children’s personal development.

Eureka Kids
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