KFC landed in Oman in 1986 , as a first Fast food chain in Oman market.

Today KFC Serves thousands of customers daily through 26 stores across the Sultanate of Oman.

We, at KFC Oman continues our commitment on serving our customers with a wide variety of Chicken Sandwiches, Value offers, Individual and Family meals that the whole family can share and enjoy with all the affordability and convenience!

At KFC we pride ourselves on selecting the very best Halal compliant supplier and selecting only the finest quality , perfectly aged chicken and only choose the prime cuts. Add on our secret recipe coating and signature marinades, and you’ve got the irresistible taste our customers love and our competitors just can’t beat.

Floor : Second
Phone Number : 91371631
Shopping Hours : 10am to 11pm
Weekend Days:10am to 12at Night