From the tree

About US: From The Tree® offers original and seasonally flavored non-fat frozen yogurts. Customers enjoy the interaction of customizing from the wide variety of choices of toppings (fresh seasonal fruits, dry and candied toppings), appreciate the unique offering and are attracted to the inspired store design

From the tree’s menu has gained appreciation and loyalty with the offering of healthy fruit, vegetable and detox juices, as well as refreshing yogurt smoothies. Customers can also combine their choice with natural boosters Light snacking options include exceptional fruit cocktails, energy bars, light sandwiches and salads.

From the tree
Floor : Second
Company address: West Misfah/Baushar
City: Muscat
Country: Sultanate of Oman
Phone : 22060095
Email :
Website :
Shopping Hours : 10am to 11pm
Weekend Days : 10am to 12at Night