Espressamente illy

Espressamente illy is the retail concept of illycaffé, founded with the objective of offering an authentic Italian café experience all around the world.

Inspired by the constant pursuit of the beauty that characterizes illycaffé, the espressamente illy cafés reinvent a tradition in which coffee in all its forms meets a fast, high quality catering industry, by placing it in an innovative context with a unique format and welcoming atmosphere.

Illycaffe produces and sells a unique blend of high quality coffee made from 9 types of pure Arabica beans. A careful balance of ingredients from South and Central America, India and Africa creates the unmistakable illy flavor; always identical in any espresso cup, herever it is drunk around the world.

Espressamente Oman will open its first outlet in Avenues Mall, Muscat by September 2015.

Espressamente illy
Floor : Ground
Shopping Hours : 10am to 11pm
Weekend Days:10am to 12at Night