Burger Station

“America’s Favorite Burgers” are now available in the Middle East for the first time. When it comes to serving up our hamburgers, we pride ourselves on the word ‘gourmet’. Our chefs prepare their home-recipes in elaborate presentations and balanced meals.

Burger Station combines the best of both worlds. Gourmet-type burgers for the price and convenience associated with “fast-food” type restaurants. Every meat is farm-raised, aged appropriately and prepared with the most delicate of sauces combined with the best of local ingredients. Everything is hot off the grill and fresh, because ‘everything we do is gourmet’.

Our menu is regularly reviewed and updated to keep things exciting for both our chefs and burger lovers. Some of the unique regional touches have led to inspirations from a little bit of Indian, some Italian, Turkish as well as Lebanese not to mention out-of-this universe selections. Vegetarian lovers can also sink their teeth into a wide range of choices. And let’s not forget the little ones. Burger Station strives to provide the most wide-ranging (not to mention fun) selection of choices for children of all ages!

Burger Station
Floor : Second
Phone Number : 22060203
Shopping Hours : 10am to 11pm
Weekend Days:10am to 12at Night