The Lookout  

The Lookout is a concept store housing multi brands from around the world for both men and women.
Owned by Ms. Layal Afeiche in partnership with Al Taher group.

Being the first boutique of its kind in this slow yet upcoming Omani fashion market, they have received nothing but positive feedback from current customers as well as prospective customers, the media, and all kinds of agencies.

Layal is a fashion designer herself, she studied and graduated from ESMOD in Beirut, Lebanon; her hometown.

Her education in this field, other than the natural love of fashion that she was born with, helps her know her market and achieve a successful buy every season, one which would suit her customers in this area.

The Lookout
Floor : Ground
Phone Number : 22006061
Shopping Hours : 10am to 10pm
Weekend Days:10am to 11pm