Leather and Lather

Leather and Lather is an exclusive gents boutique stocking the best brands of the finest quality genuine Leather wallets, portfolio cases, briefcases and leather belts in our Leather ware and worlds best brands of gents grooming items like shaving creams and tubes, bath and shower, skin and hair care and various types of natural perfumed gels and soaps in our Lather ware. Also on array is the highest quality of writing instruments from Germany with options in fountain pens, ballpoints, roller balls and mechanical pencils. All the brands represented at Leather and Lather are legacy manufacturers having an illustrious history dating back unto 1790. This unique combination of finest leather ware along with an array of grooming lines makes Leather and Lather the only exclusive gents store in Oman catering to the discerning gentleman. The design and make of the store is reminiscent of a traditional clubhouse with an old world gentlemanly charm. Step in to treat yourself or your special one with a masculine gift of a lifetime leather wallet or bag or pamper with some of the many grooming items.

Leather and Lather
Unit : G26C
Floor :Ground
Phone Number : 99014433
Email : email@leatherandlather.com
Website : www.leatherandlather.com
Shopping Hours : 10am to 10pm
Weekend Days:10am to 11pm