Dedicated to making happy feet.“Blessing is not just about great chocolate! It is a unique concept of luxury gifts for seasonal and celebratory events.

Blessing operates four different business segments; the Retail, Baby, Wedding, and Corporate.

The Retail segment serves Blessing chocolate lovers; those who are seeking prime quality chocolate combined with unique fillings to simply enjoy every day, or to offer as a gift.

The Baby segment offers the mom-to-be a complete set of baby gifts, baby decorated chocolates and sweets, all in a magical setting prepared according to her theme, wherever she is holding her baby welcoming event.

The Wedding segment presents to the bride & groom to be design wedding cards, marriage ceremony gifts, wedding party favors and wedding decorated chocolates and sweets. This segment suggests a higher level of personalization to suit the “Big Day” theme and fulfill the new couple’s dream.

The Corporate segment gives corporations different category gifting solutions for all kinds of corporate functions, or as seasonal gifts offered to customers and employees on Ramadan, AlAdha, Christmas, New Year, Diwali, National Days and other special occasions.

Whenever you want to celebrate Life, Happiness, Success, there is no better way than Give Blessing ..”

Floor : First
Phone Number : 22060888
Shopping Hours : 10am to 10pm
Weekend Days:10am to 11pm