It is with immense pride and great pleasure that we present the residents of Oman with a completely new way of indulging in shopping, entertainment and leisure. The Oman Avenues Mall is a token of our appreciation as well as our commitment to the people of Oman. The visionary leadership of His Majesty Sultan Qaboos bin Said and the support of his Government has made Oman a platform that has nurtured our growth and this is our way of saying thank you. We have put in a lot of effort to give you 900,000 sq. ft. of retail excitement. The 13 zones, 205 different retail outlets and 86,000 sq. ft. of pure entertainment & leisure will offer you an unparalleled experience and like every venture of ours, change the way you perceive a mall.

Lulu embarked on a journey to provide customers with a bouquet of products at great value. We followed our heart, and believed that enriching the lives of our customers and exceeding their expectations was the way forward. Lulu‘s culture, ethics and beliefs have and will continue to be completely customer centric. 106 stores later, we continue to do just that – re-invent the retail experience. The Oman Avenues Mall is an opportunity not just for us, but also for our associates to give their brands and products a platform like no other; one that bring your brands into the limelight. Together we have already witnessed the potential of such a partnership. Now we invite you to join us in this sure shot endeavour to help us elevate retail in Oman to a whole new high while delivering what we are renowned for – a world class shopping experience.